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Pressure sensitive labels – Custom and Stock.
Identification Solutions
Business printing and design services.


Kyle Company offers a comprehensive product line of direct and indirect thermal labels. Compatible label printer manufacturers; Cognitive®, DYMO®, Intermec, SATO®, Zebra and Zebra® Mobile Printers, Seiko, Compulabel® compatible. Our stock Inkjet, Laser Sheeted and fanfold labels are produced to exacting standards backed by our Compatibility Guarantee. If our product doesn’t work well enough for you, for any reason, we will replace the product at no additional cost to you.


Looking for a custom solution?  We have experienced a lot over the past 30 years of experience.  Is your application unusual, harsh conditions, need to read barcodes from long distance or it may just be an odd label size, the chances are we’ve produced it for one of our many customers. Our experience and expertise will make developing a custom label solution, quick and painless. From packaging to product identification, we have your answer.



Graphic Design Office

Metal nameplates: Stainless and aluminum, with or without adhesive. We deliver long lasting, durable and cost effective identification solutions for all types of projects and product that require identification material that can withstand all types of environmental conditions.


High temperature label application – products that are exposed to high operating temperature environments require the correct matching of facestock with adhesive. We understand the implications when a mismatch of materials occur. When seeking to overcome difficult labeling conditions, look for a company with the experience and expertise to provide a workable, long lasting solution. Kyle Company.


Cold temperature environment: freezer grade facestock and adhesive to meet the most demanding needs and environments.


               Marketing layout and design

               Logo creation.


Design process involves a proofing process to insure what you are looking for is what you get.

See what the end product will look like

Customize and already existing project or start from scratch.

Can't find you logo or it is not print ready? We can recreate your logo in various formats custom to your needs.

Hardware Services:

Barcode scanner equipment


Barcode printer repair – Kyle Company offers maintenance and repair of most major manufacturers of thermal transfer printers. with a response time in as little as 2  hours.

Response, capabilities and Kyle Company’s staff is our solution to your issues with remaining up and operational. Kyle is positioned to help keep your company meet the

ever changing demands of your business.

Depot Repair Service

OEM Parts and Warranties

Factory Trained and Authorized Technicians

Fast Turnaround Time

State-of-the-Art Test Equipment for Trouble-Shooting Diagnostics

Find, Track, & Locate

We offer sales and service of all major brands of barcode scanners.

Businesses depend on the integrity and performance of their barcode scanning equipment. Scanner failure and not being able to bring the equipment online can mean.

Resorting to manual input of data which creates costly transposition errors and delay in information access to make decision. 

Kyle Company’s goal is to eliminate or shorten costly delays and get you back.  


Barcode printers, scanners or access points, we’ve got you covered. Our nationwide network of factory-authorized and trained technicians allows us to assist you where ever

Your company is doing business.


Stationary, forms or marketing pieces, we can design, produce and deliver a quality piece that enhances your company image or process. All orders are produced on the press that is best suited for your application. So you receive a quality image with quick turnaround. Short run (100 min) to long run ( 100,000 +) producing orders, on the proper equipment, ensures our customers of a cost effective solution that meets need and budget.




“ Promotion: any type of marketing communication used to inform or persuade target audiences of the relative merits of a product, service, brand or issue. ... Promotion is also one of the elements in the promotional mix or promotional plan.”


Kyle Company has in-house design services that help small and large companies to develop and design an overall feel for what your company is about. Part of this effort is sending out material to folks who may not know who you are or to those who know of you but need a reminder. An effective way to cost effectively get your name in front of prospects is through promotional items. Kyle Company works with 100’s of different manufacturers offer a myriad of promotional items that have proven effective in leaving a positive impression in the minds of existing customers and those you are trying to influence to give your company an opportunity to compete for their business.

Whether you are seeking to remind your customers that they are appreciated or convincing prospects that you can help them with their needs, Kyle Company has 1000’s of ideas and items to accomplish the task.

RFID – (radio frequency identification) Ensure the right asset, is in the right place when it’s needed. Improve business efficiency and streamline supply-chain management with radio frequency identification (RFID) printing and encoded smart labels, tags or cards. RFID labels enable you to accurately and efficiently identify, track, locate and manage anything from small items, to cases and pallets, to large and valuable assets—as well as control and monitor employee or visitor access.


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