Air Purifier (large)

Air Purifier (large)


Air purifiers act differently than filters. Filters simply remove particles and microorganisms from the air. Purifiers take it oneStep further and sanitizes them.(Air purifiers work best in conjunction with proper filtration and home cleaning techniques.) Model: AP1090 – (Handles up to a 1000 square feet of space)Price: $375 Specs:LCD digital display Sensor type: TVOC odor and Temperature displayTVOC sensor (Total Volatile Organic Compounds – all of the organic compounds found in that room) odor sensor for air quality detection Honeycomb activated carbon adsorbs formaldehyde, phenol, smoke and airborne mold. Filter breakdown: Layer 1 - non-woven fabric Layer 2 - HEPA filter Layer 3 - Honeycomb carbon UV germicidal lamp – As airborne microorganisms ( germs, bacteria, and viruses) pass through the filter, the lamp emits a UV light effectively killing them.35 million high concentration negative ions conditions the air providing you with “ Fresh air “. Intelligent automatic mode which monitors air quality and adjusts 3 speed fan setting to ensure effective elimination of odor creating compounds. Program up to an 8-hour timed shutdown. Humidification function Easy to remove High-efficiency composite HEPA filter Filter replacement reminder Touch control Wireless remote control

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